Clean Renewable Energy Aerial Test Vehicle

The CREATeV Project

What is our goal?

The goal of the CREATeV project is to develop an ultra-long endurance solar powered aircraft capable of sustaining flight for 60 days continuously. The major challenge with sustaining multi-day flights is the ability to cruise through an entire night on battery power, without the ability to recharge the batteries from solar power.

What have we created?

CREATeV has a maximum endurance of 12 hours on battery power, allowing it to sustain flight overnight in the summer months. During daylight hours, the aircraft will recharge its batteries using the 96 solar cells mounted to the wing surface. The aircraft has a 6.28 meter wingspan, with a maximum take-off weight of approximately 12.5 kilograms and is constructed primarily of carbon fibre/fibreglass laminates for their light weight and high strength.

What are we planning to do with it?

In the summer of 2022, CREATeV will attempt to set the FAI record for longest unmanned flight, currently set at 26 days.

About Us

The CREATeV project is comprised of a team of graduate students from Ryerson University’s Department of Aerospace Engineering. With expertise in aircraft design and manufacturing, we have been able to take the project from concept to reality in the last 2 years.

Latest News

18-Hour Long Test Flight
September 16, 2021
On Thursday, September 16, 2021, the CREATeV solar-powered airplane successfully completed a long flight of more than 18 hours.
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CREATeV flies for over 10 hours using solar power
November 12, 2020
On Thursday, November 12, 2020, our solar-powered airplane flew nonstop for over 10 hours, our longest record yet.
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First Solar Powered Flight
November 4, 2020
On November 4, 2020, CREATeV completed its first flight with solar cells: 5 hours 6 minutes and 36 seconds without a glitch.
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Dr. Götz Bramesfeld